The Hopkins County Veterans Memorial is to be erected in honor of the men and women who have served our country with honor.  It is our privilege to recognize their sacrifice and dedication with a memorial to be placed in the center of our city.  All veterans who have lived in, or are buried in Hopkins County and received an honorable discharge will have earned the right to be included on the memorial.  These individual served at great personal cost to protect the freedoms that we enjoy today.  We are seeking your enthusiastic support and monetary contributions to make this a reality for all to enjoy as we pay tribute to our veterans in a setting that is beautiful and dignified. 

The Veterans Memorial Park in Heritage Square will attract visitors from near and far. The architecture will compliment the adjacent, historic Hopkins County Courthouse and will have a park-like atmosphere.  The granite memorial is designed to display up to 10,000 names and will include a computerized kiosk allowing visitors to locate individual names, display information on their service, commendations, and view a picture if one is available.  Visitors to the memorial will have the opportunity to learn about the heroes that have stood ready and willing to serve in order to allow all of us unparalleled freedoms.

The Hopkins County Veterans Memorial Organization is a 501(c) (3) entity.  Funding for the memorial will come from private donations, grants, and in-kind donations from local contractors.  A plan for “phased” construction has been developed to allow construction to begin as we continue to solicit contributions.  A financial commitment of $750,000 is estimated, with future funds needed for growth and continuing maintenance.  This living memorial is intended to allow us to honor past, present, and future service men and women. 

The committee has received many $50 gifts from family and friends of individual veterans. There have also been numerous fund-raising events.  However, we are still in need of funds and would welcome any contributions or pledge of future contributions from those who would support this project.  This is your opportunity, as you reflect on all of the blessings our nation enjoys, to honor and remember those who served to make freedom possible for all of us. 

 Statement of Purpose: 

 “To perpetuate the memory of our veterans who have served their country with honor: That their dedication, deeds, and sacrifice be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishment and patriotism.” The purpose of the Veterans Memorial shall be to erect a memorial that will include the names of all veterans that have served under honorable conditions in the United States Armed Forces (US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines, US Coast Guard, US Reserves, Merchant Marines, etc.) and meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Any Veteran who has resided in Hopkins County.
  2. Any Veteran who is buried in Hopkins County.
  3. Unanimous agreement of the Executive Board.
 This memorial will serve all of the people of Hopkins County and Veterans serving in times of conflict or peace.  Desiring to build this memorial in an appropriate location has led us to the City Square adjacent to the County Courthouse on the southeast corner of the square.  This property is partially owned by the City of Sulphur Springs and Hopkins County.   Our conclusion; after considerable debate, research and discussion with fellow citizens of Hopkins County, is that a more worthy location cannot be found.  Our pride in those who protect the freedom we love should not be hidden from the people they serve.

 This Veterans Memorial Park in Heritage Square will attract visitors from far and near.  The Architecture will compliment the County Courthouse and the atmosphere will be such that people will come to honor and fellowship.

 To facilitate these goals the design should include:

  • Stone wall sections with veterans names, organized for ease of locating a loved ones name with areas that provide opportunities for visitors to reflect on and honor those inscribed.
  • A structure or structures that honor this purpose and reflect a sense of pride and endurance.
  • Elements with energy such as flags, sounds, or possibly flowing water.
  • Paving patterns or other architectural features that draw people to the memorial
 and square.

  • Use of existing 36th Infantry memorial and possible 49th Armorded Division.
  • Inscriptions honoring previous contributors to Heritage Square Park.